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Florida Institute of Technology

Do you plan to enter maritime academy in US? Actually, there are several good schools that you can find in this country. However, in order to get the best education, you will need to choose the academy that match with what you want. So, here we have list of several academies, for you who plan to take career in maritime field.

Florida Institute of Technology

Although there is no maritime academy in its name, this school is one of the best in this country. It has many courses related to marine, environmental system, and maritime field. You can take the coastal zone management courses, environmental sciences and many more. You can even find special courses where you can take all of those programs.

Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology

This school also offers several degrees, such as Doctoral degrees, Master of Science, and Bachelor of Science. We consider it as the best choice among other school.

Maine Maritime Academy

This is small academy. However, this school is like a gate to get different level of experience. This academy is member of International Association of Maritime Universities. Therefore, you have a chance to experience the education or activates in other country. There is also student exchange program where you can learn in other country, like Japan, Australia, and many more.

Maine Maritime Academy

Maine Maritime Academy

This academy has many programs. You can take the marine engineering technology, engineering operation and many others. Just found the programs that you like.

Maritime College – State University of New York (SUNY)

This is one of the top maritime academies in US. The most interesting program here is the 565 foot Training Ship Empire State VI. With this program, you will have a chance to travel to many places in the world. Experiences aren’t only things you can get with this program. The skill, the knowledge, and of course, good memories will be one of the best you will get after you finish this program.

Maritime College

Maritime College

SUNY is also well-known with their good reputation in maritime industry. Therefore, there is bigger chance that you get the job easily after you graduate. This is important thing, if you plan to build a long and good career in maritime industry.


Those three colleges are our choices for the top maritime academy you can enter. But, the most important thing here is your hard work. Discipline and diligent is what you need, if you want to success in maritime industry. The maritime academy is only the media and place where you get the skill that you need.

Maritime Academy in Nigeria

There are many types of schools out there, one of them is a maritime academy. It is a good decision to join and enroll in a maritime academy if you wish for good career opportunities with good salaries. Maritime academies are also a good place to learn about discipline. However, you need to prepare several things before you enroll in such an academy. For example, your overall health, physical fitness, mental health, and so on.

Maritime Academy in Nigeria

Maritime Academy in Nigeria

Every country in this world has maritime academies, including small countries such as Nigeria. Here are the recommendations of maritime academy in Nigeria.

African Maritime Academy

Established in September 27th, 2010, African Maritime Academy aims to produce not only great and smart students but also great human beings. This maritime academy was established to develop those literate and unemployed youths. Courses in this school are designed to equip the youths with skills, experiences, and also qualifications. This way, those youths will be able to pursue their dream careers as well as enrich their lives. This AMA school provides a job opportunity for especially Nigerian youths and African youths to work in the global maritime market.

Maritime Academy in Nigeria

Maritime Academy in Nigeria

African Maritime Academy has been training and educating maritime personnels for the last 10 years. This is why this academy is considered as the biggest private maritime institution in Nigeria. This maritime academy uses British Nigerian as the curriculum. Supporting facilities are provided, such as a sick bay, school bus service, laboratory, library, multipurpose hall, ICT center, and also playground. Club activities to develop students’ hobbies and passions are also available; mathematics, taekwondo, music and drama, art and craft, JETS, scrabble, and chess.

Nigeria Maritime University

Nigeria Maritime University is a maritime college and military university in Okerenkoko, Delta State, Nigeria. This maritime university has a regimental unit which consists of a chief cadet captain, regimental director, and so on. It is one of the biggest and most diverse university in Nigeria.

The vision of this university is to become the first option of maritime institution for those who look for job opportunities in the industry as well as contribute to employment creation and wealth in the global maritime economy.

Nigeria Maritime University

Nigeria Maritime University

There are 3 different faculties available in the Nigeria Maritime University; faculty of engineering, faculty of marine transport, and faculty of environmental management. 13 programs are also available to learn in this university.

Those are the recommendations of maritime academy in Nigeria.

African Maritime Academy

For those who dream of becoming a navy soldier, enrolling in a maritime academy might help them to pursue their dream. There are a lot of maritime academies in this world, one of them is African Maritime Academy. This maritime academy is located in 63/65, Moshalashi Road, Igando-Egan. If you are curious about this maritime academy, here is some information about it.

African Maritime Academy

African Maritime Academy

About African Maritime Academy

African Maritime Academy or also known as AMA school is a rare co-educational school. This academy school serves both academic and moral education for learners whose ages range from 10 years old to 16 years old. The maritime academic runs their academic programs with the purpose to instill in learners the true principals of Godliness and its importance for their life and development. So, this academic school does not only produce academically great individuals but also great human beings who bring positive effects to the community.

History of African Maritime Academy

This maritime academy was founded in September 27th, 2010. So, this academy school has been operating for 10 years now. This school is permanently located in 63/65, Moshalashi Road, Egan, Lagos State, Nigeria. The AMA school started its academic activities with 30 students. Those 30 students were admitted to classes of JS 1 and JS 2.

Admission Requirements

For those who are interested to join the AMA school, there are some requirements that have to be fulfilled.

  1. The candidates must have completed at least the fifth year or its equivalent in a primary school. It must be recognized within the country or outside the country.
  2. The candidates also have to be at least 10 years old by September of the year when they register to the academy school.
  3. Once the candidates have obtained the application form, they need to write an entrance exam.
History of African Maritime Academy

History of African Maritime Academy

Admission Procedures

As a matter of policy, admission of African Maritime Academy is limited to only JS1 and SS1. Students who seek admission to one of the classes need to follow the same procedures. The letter of admission and required administrative fee are not valid anymore after the expiry date determined on the letter of admission. It is important for both of the students’ parents to meet the head of the academy school before the students are admitted to one of the secondary classes.

That is the information about African Maritime Academy. Are you interested to join this maritime academy school?

Joining African Maritime Academy

Some young adults choose to join and enroll in a maritime academy in order to pursue a fine career. If you are one of them, it is worth to consider joining African Maritime Academy or also known AMA. By enrolling in the maritime academy, it is possible for you to have a career and job opportunity once you have studied and graduated from the maritime academy. For you who are interested to join the African Maritime Academy, here are several things that you have to prepare.

Physical Fitness

Enrolling in a maritime academy is no joke. So, the first thing that you really need to prepare is your physical fitness. Why is physical fitness important? It is because you will be involved in a lot of physical training if you enroll in such an academy. Moreover, the maritime academy will test your physical fitness as well before you are accepted and able to join the academy. Some physical tests are involved during the selection process.

Joining African Maritime Academy

Joining African Maritime Academy

The physical tests usually include sit-ups, push-ups, running, and since it is a maritime academy, of course, swimming. You are required to do all those physical tests as many as possible.

Mental Fitness

Besides your physical fitness, you also have to prepare your mental fitness as well if you want to enroll in African Maritime Academy. You have to make sure that your mental health is well. It is because mental tests in surviving ceme online game are also included in the selection process besides physical tests.

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

In addition, your mental should be strong since days in the maritime academy are tough. Joining a maritime academy means that you must have a strong physical fitness as well as mental fitness. Without a stable and strong mental health, you will likely to crumble in short time.


The next thing you have to prepare to be able to enroll in the maritime academy is your overall health. You will not be able to join the academy if you are suffering for diseases or health disorders. For example, asthma, color blind, hearing impairment, cardiovascular illness, and so on.

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

During health and physical tests, there will be several inspections so that alcoholic and drug abusers will not be able to enroll in the maritime academy as well. Your blood pressure, heartbeat, and your overall health will be examined and monitored. So, make sure your health is in a good state so that you can accomplish the study well.

There are several myths that are popular among seafarers and the people who are about to enroll a maritime academy which is in fact, quite saddening. These myths are severely misleading and it could ruin one’s career due to the poignant claims that are seductive. Well, to save you from them, here are the most popular myths that are totally wrong!

  1. The jobs, especially sailing, are permanent jobs

The first myth that is widespread among future seafarers is that the jobs that you would receive after you are graduated are always permanent. But is that true that you would get a permanent job after finished studying in a maritime academy? The answer would be no since there is no guarantee that you would get a permanent job after graduating. Most of the seafarers worldwide, in fact, are working under on a contract-based agreement. The number is so big, around seventy percent of the seafarers worldwide. The contract you would receive is usually limited to a certain number of years.

  1. There is a 100% guarantee that you would get a job after graduating

Some people, arguably irresponsible people, who said that maritime academy graduates would never become unemployed since they will always get a job. The myth gets worse since there are several institutes which make such poignant claims as well. Well, the truth is, it depends on your effort after you have graduated. The government might provide you with some assistance for you to find a suitable job at dadu online, but in the end, everything is up to you. By the way, due to the decreasing number of interests in a maritime professional, most graduates are now struggling to find a perfect job.

  1. People who wear spectacles are not allowed to join

There is also a myth that the academy is limited to those without any levels of vision impairment. Well, the truth behind this myth depends on which academy you enlist and what kind of vision impairment you suffer from. Definitely, no people with color blindness are allowed to be seafarers. However, if you only suffer from light vision impairment, you should be fine, usually. Most academies in the US allow those who suffer from 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in the dominant eye and 6/18 in the other eye.

  1. You get salaries even when on leave

Oh come on, you know that sounds too good to be true! In reality, no companies which are generous enough to give such policy. If you are off contract, there will be no salary for you, simple as that. Well, those are the myths of the post-graduation maritime academy!

Registering the academy

Generally, it is not too difficult to apply to a military academy and most B students will get accepted as long as their SAT scores are decent enough. It means that this step is not the worst part of your life, although the essay and the personal interview can be pretty burdening for some of us. You need to ensure that you wear proper clothes and come to the place on time, as well as a firm handshake and focused eye contact in order to make your chances higher. You need to prepare the answer to the question which asks for the reason you want to join the academy. The chance is also higher if you belong to a minority class since many academies are currently struggling to improve the diversity in their institutes.

The orientation

You will have to undergo two weeks of MUG orientation after you have passed the registration, and it will usually be a fun time. Although most students expect the orientation to be harsh and horrible, it is actually not that bad. It will not bother you at all, especially if you are the person who has a good physical and mental state after playing at At the end of the orientation, you will have learned about yourself and most of your friends. Usually, you will meet your best friends after this.

The course

The school you would need to attend would not too different from most colleges in the US. You will have classes, labs, papers, homework, and examinations. Apparently, the most difficult challenge for most cadets would be math. Definitely, you will need to study hard to pass the exam.

The regiment

The regiment, regardless what your position is, would not be pleasant for you. You will need to march out to the field every morning after your sleeping bed has been inspected by the senior. You will need to conduct an unlimited amount of maintenance and watches on the academy’s ships. Not to mention the papers you need to finish! Well, those are the things you need to know about life in a maritime academy in the US!

The careers related to maritime industries have become widespread and promising since most companies value the graduates of maritime academies highly. This is a worldwide phenomenon, including in the US. Getting a degree from a maritime academy with a high reputation is now a perfect starter for your solid career in the future. If you are interested to join a maritime academy and joining agen bola terpercaya, here is a list of some of the best in the country.

  1. Florida Institute of Technology

Although the institute does not specialize in maritime teaching and there are several other fields of study available, its maritime academy is still respected by many people since it is one of the best. The institute offers several courses you can take after enrolling the maritime university that are related to the system which encompasses the field of marine and environment. Some of them would be environmental science, coastal zone management, marine science, and other courses. You can also receive one of the degrees available, such as Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and doctoral degrees but only after you have finished your study.

  1. Maine Maritime Academy

Although this academy is considerably tinier compared to the most academies in this list, the opportunities offered by it are still huge, nonetheless. The reason why this academy considered great by most people is the fact that it has been registered into the International Member of the International Association of Maritime Universities. Well, why is it so important? It is important since the academy can routinely participate in the student exchange program with many other maritime academies worldwide and you can gain more abroad experiences when attending this academy.

  1. United States Naval Academy

The next best maritime academy in the US that you can enroll is the academy owned by the country. The academy specializes in naval architecture and ocean engineering degree. And since it is owned by the government, you would not need to question its quality since the United States Naval Academy always gets the most sophisticated tools and the best technology available in the country.

  1. Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Being the oldest maritime academy in the country, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy is able to gain the reputation as one of the best academies in the US. The location of the academy is also very strategic and it allows the academy to offer the most important degrees, such as marine transportation and marine engineering. Well, those are the best maritime academies in the US!

If we are talking about the best maritime academy in Indonesia, then, it is highly likely that most people would say BP3IP Jakarta. Are you interested in this academy and want to join it? Well, in that case, you might want to read this article since it has a quick view of the academy.

What the abbreviation stands for

The first thing that comes up on your mind would arguably the name. The abbreviation stands for Balai Besar Pendidikan Penyegaran dan Peningkatan Ilmu Pelayaran, and it can be translated as Education Center for Educating, Refreshing, and Improving Maritime Science. Well, the name is pretty long and is difficult to memorize, but the academy itself is memorable since it is the best one in the country.

What it is

Are you wondering about a short description of the academy? Well, this academy, which has four large buildings in total, is an institution owned by the government of the Republic of Indonesia and its purpose is to become an institute which provides several facilitations that are able to be used as instruments to train potential students who have the needed prospects to become sailors that are capable to do their intended job.

The academy has become a trusted teaching institute since it has obtained several licenses and qualifications from several sides and institutions as well. Of course, the quality of BP3IP Jakarta is of top-notch since it has graduated a lot of famous sailors who are working in several famous shipping and maritime companies.

The main task of the academy

Well, what is the main task of the academy? Most of the people who are considering enrolling it would ask such a question. The main task of BP3IP Jakarta is to provide means of seafarer education and training which is not limited to one certain level only but in all levels available instead. Also, it serves in accordance with both national and international legislation so that the welfare and the intelligence level of the country can be increased significantly.

The facilities available

Some of the facilities available in the academy are four buildings which consist of three building as classes and one building for a laboratory and a simulator, as well as a director’s room. But of course, since BP3IP Jakarta favors knowledge highly, it also has a well-equipped library which can be visited by all of the students. Now, have you decided to join this academy?

Address : Danau Sunter Utara St. Block G Port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.