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African Maritime Academy

Sometimes, being a good individual is not only about having great academic. But it is also about having good moral and being a good human being. This is why some parents prefer to enroll their kids into a maritime academy.

In this kind of school, students are not only able to learn about academic and science but also discipline, strength, and many more. One of the maritime academies out there is African Maritime Academy. This academy school is still included new but worth to consider. Below is what you should know about the maritime academy.

African Maritime Academy

African Maritime Academy

The Profile of African Maritime Academy

African Maritime Academy is a co-educational school which make standards as their watchwords. This academy school also values relationship. This is why it is also called the parent-friendly school. Students who pass through this maritime academy leave the place as a different yet better personality who are ready to blend and give positive impacts to the society.

African Maritime Academy

African Maritime Academy

This maritime academy was established in September 27th, 2010. The curriculum used in this academy school is British Nigerian. What about the tuition fee? The tuition fee ranges from N50,000 to N150,000 per term. And the educational scope of this maritime academy is secondary school and college. So, students who want to be admitted into one of the classes in the academy must have completed at least the fifth year in a recognized primary school within the country or outside the country.

The Facilities

The AMA school provides facilities which are beneficial to support the academic activities there. The facilities provided are a multi purpose hall, standard ICT center, sport complex or playground, good and standard library, good and standard laboratory, school bus service, and sick bay.

The Facilities

The Facilities

There are also club activities available, which are music and drama, kiu kiu online, art and craft, scrabble, chess, taekwondo, debate or press, JETS, and also mathematics. As you can see, the club activities are various so that students can choose the one according their passions.

African Maritime Academy started its operation with 30 students. If you want to be more disciplined or want to pursue a good career as a navy soldier, you might want to consider enrolling in this maritime academy. However, the candidates must be at least 10 years old by September of the year of admission. If you want to know more about this academy school, you can go to its official website on the internet.

Maritime Academy

The maritime sector is one of the largest sectors in the world, followed later by the agricultural sector. This makes the countries in the world continuously develop their country’s potential within the maritime sector. One of the countries that are focused on developing its maritime sector is the countries in the african maritime academy.

It can be said that countries in Africa do have very good potential, to be maximized, to increase the country’s foreign exchange, as well as the life skills of its people.

Maritime Academy

Maritime Academy

Guarding the ocean and the country’s borders is a must

It is no secret that the borders of each country surrounded by the world’s oceans often lead to conflict and strife. This also should not be underestimated by countries in Africa. Therefore, in the African maritime academy, one thing that must be emphasized is the understanding of maritime conditions that exist in each country. At the same time knowing how to exist at the border. This is very crucial in avoiding maritime area conflicts caused by ignorance of the marine territories owned by each country.

Maritime Academy

Maritime Academy

Every ocean in the world has a unique, different, and of course abundant wealth. This also includes the maritime sector of africa. Because of this, the safeguarding and decisiveness of foreign and illegal vessels, which try to enter and steal State assets, must be acted firmly.

Preservation of marine ecosystems

Not only the oceans in Africa, but oceans throughout the world are currently experiencing a serious threat, caused by the work of poachers, who still often use poisons and bombs to catch fish. This causes damage to coral reefs and marine ecosystems. This is then exacerbated by the many uses of plastic and waste disposal which are still not well managed.

Africa has therefore taken decisive steps, one of which is by strengthening cooperation through the outbound African Development Community. This community will concentrate on taking care of everything that has been missed in maritime protection in Africa. Starting from the assertion of illegal fishing, then guarding the sea, to maximizing fish farming, and others.

Maritime Academy

Maritime Academy

Africa has now succeeded in strengthening its safeguards against the marine sector. They having previously received losses of up to $ 500 each year, caused by illegal fishing. In the future, the countries in Africa hope to develop the maritime sector more optimally, with cooperation with various countries in the world.

Those are some good news from the african maritime academy. Which, soon the next good news will be accepted by the world.

There are several myths that are popular among seafarers and the people who are about to enroll a maritime academy which is in fact, quite saddening. These myths are severely misleading and it could ruin one’s career due to the poignant claims that are seductive. Well, to save you from them, here are the most popular myths that are totally wrong!

  1. The jobs, especially sailing, are permanent jobs

The first myth that is widespread among future seafarers is that the jobs that you would receive after you are graduated are always permanent. But is that true that you would get a permanent job after finished studying in a maritime academy? The answer would be no since there is no guarantee that you would get a permanent job after graduating. Most of the seafarers worldwide, in fact, are working under on a contract-based agreement. The number is so big, around seventy percent of the seafarers worldwide. The contract you would receive is usually limited to a certain number of years.

  1. There is a 100% guarantee that you would get a job after graduating

Some people, arguably irresponsible people, who said that maritime academy graduates would never become unemployed since they will always get a job. The myth gets worse since there are several institutes which make such poignant claims as well. Well, the truth is, it depends on your effort after you have graduated. The government might provide you with some assistance for you to find a suitable job at dadu online, but in the end, everything is up to you. By the way, due to the decreasing number of interests in a maritime professional, most graduates are now struggling to find a perfect job.

  1. People who wear spectacles are not allowed to join

There is also a myth that the academy is limited to those without any levels of vision impairment. Well, the truth behind this myth depends on which academy you enlist and what kind of vision impairment you suffer from. Definitely, no people with color blindness are allowed to be seafarers. However, if you only suffer from light vision impairment, you should be fine, usually. Most academies in the US allow those who suffer from 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in the dominant eye and 6/18 in the other eye.

  1. You get salaries even when on leave

Oh come on, you know that sounds too good to be true! In reality, no companies which are generous enough to give such policy. If you are off contract, there will be no salary for you, simple as that. Well, those are the myths of the post-graduation maritime academy!

The careers related to maritime industries have become widespread and promising since most companies value the graduates of maritime academies highly. This is a worldwide phenomenon, including in the US. Getting a degree from a maritime academy with a high reputation is now a perfect starter for your solid career in the future. If you are interested to join a maritime academy and joining agen bola terpercaya, here is a list of some of the best in the country.

  1. Florida Institute of Technology

Although the institute does not specialize in maritime teaching and there are several other fields of study available, its maritime academy is still respected by many people since it is one of the best. The institute offers several courses you can take after enrolling the maritime university that are related to the system which encompasses the field of marine and environment. Some of them would be environmental science, coastal zone management, marine science, and other courses. You can also receive one of the degrees available, such as Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and doctoral degrees but only after you have finished your study.

  1. Maine Maritime Academy

Although this academy is considerably tinier compared to the most academies in this list, the opportunities offered by it are still huge, nonetheless. The reason why this academy considered great by most people is the fact that it has been registered into the International Member of the International Association of Maritime Universities. Well, why is it so important? It is important since the academy can routinely participate in the student exchange program with many other maritime academies worldwide and you can gain more abroad experiences when attending this academy.

  1. United States Naval Academy

The next best maritime academy in the US that you can enroll is the academy owned by the country. The academy specializes in naval architecture and ocean engineering degree. And since it is owned by the government, you would not need to question its quality since the United States Naval Academy always gets the most sophisticated tools and the best technology available in the country.

  1. Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Being the oldest maritime academy in the country, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy is able to gain the reputation as one of the best academies in the US. The location of the academy is also very strategic and it allows the academy to offer the most important degrees, such as marine transportation and marine engineering. Well, those are the best maritime academies in the US!