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African Maritime Academy

For those who dream of becoming a navy soldier, enrolling in a maritime academy might help them to pursue their dream. There are a lot of maritime academies in this world, one of them is African Maritime Academy. This maritime academy is located in 63/65, Moshalashi Road, Igando-Egan. If you are curious about this maritime academy, here is some information about it.

African Maritime Academy

African Maritime Academy

About African Maritime Academy

African Maritime Academy or also known as AMA school is a rare co-educational school. This academy school serves both academic and moral education for learners whose ages range from 10 years old to 16 years old. The maritime academic runs their academic programs with the purpose to instill in learners the true principals of Godliness and its importance for their life and development. So, this academic school does not only produce academically great individuals but also great human beings who bring positive effects to the community.

History of African Maritime Academy

This maritime academy was founded in September 27th, 2010. So, this academy school has been operating for 10 years now. This school is permanently located in 63/65, Moshalashi Road, Egan, Lagos State, Nigeria. The AMA school started its academic activities with 30 students. Those 30 students were admitted to classes of JS 1 and JS 2.

Admission Requirements

For those who are interested to join the AMA school, there are some requirements that have to be fulfilled.

  1. The candidates must have completed at least the fifth year or its equivalent in a primary school. It must be recognized within the country or outside the country.
  2. The candidates also have to be at least 10 years old by September of the year when they register to the academy school.
  3. Once the candidates have obtained the application form, they need to write an entrance exam.
History of African Maritime Academy

History of African Maritime Academy

Admission Procedures

As a matter of policy, admission of African Maritime Academy is limited to only JS1 and SS1. Students who seek admission to one of the classes need to follow the same procedures. The letter of admission and required administrative fee are not valid anymore after the expiry date determined on the letter of admission. It is important for both of the students’ parents to meet the head of the academy school before the students are admitted to one of the secondary classes.

That is the information about African Maritime Academy. Are you interested to join this maritime academy school?