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japan Maritime Industry

Japan is one of the countries in the world that has advanced maritime industry. Therefore, it’s not surprising, if their maritime academy is well-known. They can be even considered to be the best academy you can enter for learning everything about maritime field. Here are some of those best academies in Japan.

Osaka University

It’s located in Osaka, and it has several good maritime programs. One of them is the Maritime and Urban Engineering & Naval Architecture. You can get the Master and Doctoral degree from this program. As one of the oldest universities in Japan, the traditional atmosphere in this university is very strong. However, that’s what make learning in this place feels more comfortable and different.

japan Maritime Industry

japan Maritime Industry

Osaka Prefecture University (OPU)

This is different than Osaka University. OPU has one of best maritime program, which is the Marine System Engineering Programs. Moreover, this is public university that means you need lower budget than what you need to spend at private university. This university is also one of the universities with complete facilities that support your learning process.

japan Maritime Industry

japan Maritime Industry

Kyushu University

This university is located in Fukuoka, Japan. You can find International Master and Doctoral Programs in maritime field, here. The courses you can take here is the Marine System Engineering. This school is also well-known as the one of the top 3 universities in Japan. So, you can expect that you will get the best here, both the knowledge and facilities.

Kobe University

As one of the best universities that provide many maritime programs, Kobe University become the most popular destination for students who want to take this field. This school offers several programs, such as:

  • Global Transportation Science,
  • Ocean Safety System Science,
  • Marine Engineering,
  • Maritime Management,
  • Maritime Logistic Education and Research Programs.
Kobe University maritime academy

Kobe University maritime academy

Kobe is beautiful city. And, it also can be seen on the atmosphere in this university. Therefore, study maritime field in this place will become one of the best choices you can make. If you can do well here, you will have bigger opportunity to work in maritime field.


Japan has many good universities that can provide you the best help to start career in maritime industry. You can consider that their maritime academy is the right place to study maritime field, because Japan is the country that has strong relation with sea. So, you will have better material to learn in this country.